To be cozy in love? I never glimpsed this feeling before you.

I remember the moment when I sensed that everything was different. A feeling of ease, as if we had been lifelong friends, as if you had called my name a thousand times already, and this time was nothing new. Comfort, whatever you may call it, draped around you like a soft, silk cloak and sprang upon me, but even in my shock, it felt so right.

It felt so right to talk to you. It was so natural to hit up the supermarket at 10 pm and so effortlessly fun to whip up the dumplings I'll never forget. It was a quaint little time, watching Moonrise Kingdom and listening to that Strokes song and munching on yellow bell peppers and not knowing that you'd become my best friend and not even dreaming of the grand adventures we'd have.

Brooklyn Hipsters?