Ikea & Williamsburg

Ikea & Williamsburg

Hello readers and welcome to another series of weekend adventures! This time I snapped plenty of shots. Bear with me as I continue to use my trusty kit lens.

Ikea is a like a little study in people microcosms. Enter and behold! A myriad of decorated spaces appealing to a multitude of browsers. Glossy cabinets abound and cozy sectionals beg to be warmed. Fake plants sit charmingly in bright white pots: pots hanging off walls, pots hanging from ceilings, pots resting on said glossy cabinets. Overall, the feeling is fresh and new and future-oriented, a perfect feeling for the college graduate about to decorate her own space.

With this in mind I browsed and peeked inside drawers. Here, I spent a few hours rolling on plush mattresses and day-dreaming about my future home amongst the greenery of the Puget Sound (stay tuned!). 

And then it was time for a little Williamsburg venture. This was the first time, as an adult, that I ventured into Billieburg™. It was wondrous and so lovely, and reminded me so much of Boston, where I went to college. I would highly recommend it for any weekend stroll, rain or shine.

This little, cute space below is called Sweatshop, and they sell all types of coffee goodness, sandwiches, and other snacks, like vanilla lavender doughnuts, as well as some clothing items. We tried the Brekkie Bun, a sandwich with egg, bacon, and arugula on ciabatta bread along with an iced latte. 

Brekkie game strong.

Latte game very strong (but that might be because I forgot to mix the espresso).

Little corners in Sweatshop.

The lady in this photo looked at me so suspiciously, but all I wanted to do was get these lovely vines!

The delish Brekkie burger in its moody glory.

I snapped this happy hour sign because I really liked the way the light was bouncing off the blackboard.

Headed home.

I'm not driving in this pic (although I did earn my license this week!!), so don't worry.

- Billie

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